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World's Greatest Dozen Red Rose Arrangement
Item No: 312W
I know what you thinking. Everybody, from online hawkers to your local grocery stores and flower shops carry red roses and they all look pretty much the same and last just a few days. That's because they all basically carry the same red rose variety. But, all red roses aren't the same. At Knight's we travel the world looking for great, out of this world roses and we have found it. It's a new rose called 'Corazon', which is the Spanish word meaning "heart". It's grown in Ecuador by our exclusive rose provider, Rio Roses, the worlds most discriminating rose grower.

These roses do not wilt. They open fully. They are huge. They last and last...for over 10 days. They are truly amazing. Seeing is believing. If you want to truly impress someone, give them a dozen of our 'Corazon' roses. They truly are the world's greatest red roses.

Guaranteed to knock you socks off or we'll refund your money!


Red Rose Symbolism:Red roses whisper love

"I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck." -Emma Golden
1 Dozen-Dazzling
1 DZ & a DZ yummy chocolate fudge
2 Dozen-Twice as Dazzling
3 DZ Roses