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1 Dozen Devastatingly Beautiful Yellow Roses
Item No: 312YE
Nope. Nothing ordinary here. At Knight's we never settle for the mundane. When we set out to find the best, longest lasting, most beautiful knock dead gorgeous yellow rose we tested over six different varieties of yellow roses.
The winner. By a mile. An unique yellow rose grown high in the mountains of Ecuador, the most perfect place to grow roses, by our rose provider, Rio Roses. It name. Isabel.
This breathtaking yellow rose gradually opens into a star shape and stays that way, with the petals reflexing for a stunning look. Vase life. Oh, my. this fascinating rose will last 14+ days!

Symbolism:Yellow roses symbolize friendship and caring. Yellow evokes feelings of joy, warmth and welcome.
They give a sunny outlook on life.

The Yellow Rose
Oh, the yellow rose, my favorite rose of all flowers
She is beautiful, lovely and vibrant with her yellow color
She stands tall, exquisite, and graceful with her
elegant display pose

Even with her soft petal touch and sharp pitch thorn
symbolizes for her femininity and strength
She is sweet and sensible so please treat her nice
Do not let her go out of your sight and nurture her
with kindness

Oh, the yellow rose that is my favorite rose of all flowers
She exhibits for friendship and gratitude to all
She is beautiful, lovely, and vibrant with her great genuine
personality she exemplify

Even though she is only an enchanting flower she still
needs our love and care with water to fill her

So, please don't mistreat her or else she will wither and
die in a hurry

Oh, the yellow rose that is my favorite rose of all flowers
She may not be the beauty queen to all
But she is sincere at heart and truly kind to all
She lifts up our spirit with her vivid, vibrant yellow
image color with love and hope

So, please don't let her beautiful yellow petal drop
Or else she will go dry and die

-Hanh Chau
With 3 yummy fudge
With 6 yummy fudge