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Watercolors  from your local Clinton,TN florist, Knight's Flowers
Item No: 430
This wooden planter box is loaded with blue delphinium, sky blue hydrangeas, white roses and is accented with eucalyptus.

Height: 13"
Width: 17"

Watercolor Morning

watercolor morning whimsy
palate wet with blues and greys
tattered woollen clouds are hanging
think it's going to rain today

there's a storm upon the desert
as the thunder will attest
i sit, my back unto the dawning
watching lighting in the west

up before the light came creeping
o'r the hills out to the east
there's a pregnant breeze a'blowing
in the dark i pray in peace

i hold my hands,
palms facing upward
supplicating to the sky
on this watercolor morning
we commune

the Lord and i

soulsurvivor (C) 7/15/2015
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