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Peace Lily Plant from your local Clinton,TN florist, Knight's Flowers
Peace Lily Plant
Item No: 615S
One of the easiest houseplants to care for. Will take low light or bright indirect sunlight. If you want the white calla lily-like flowers to bloom, the plant will need plenty of light.
A popular plant for bereavement that's ideal for a loved on to take home after the service.

Height: Varies depending on plant size
Width: Varies depending on plant size

☀️Light: medium to indirect sunlight
💦Water: thirsty-water weekly
🪴Pot: repot when you see roots coming out of the soil
🐶 Pets: toxic

What to do if:
Leaves droop: time to water!
Yellow Leaves: overwatered, not enough light
No flowers: needs more light
Brown spots or edges: too much light or fertilizing
2 ft tall-6
3 ft tall-8
4 ft tall-10